POC Medical Systems

About Us

Founded by Chris and Lynn James, POC Medical Systems is the biggest source of information on Kratom on the web.

Our Origins

We trace our origins back to 2009, when Chris started using Kratom and created POC Medical Systems, which provided drug addicts a medical system to get rid of their addiction. 
One problem he faced was the lack reliable Kratom vendors in the US. Most of the vendors used to buy from other middle men which meant high prices, unreliable quality and varying prices. These problems made it impossible for Chris to fulfill his Mission.

Our Mission

Our mission at POC Medial Systems has been to educate people towards the benefits of Kratom. We believe Kratom is the best solution to a number of problems like Body Pain, Anxiety, and Drug Addiction.

Additionally we also work with a number of research labs in finding additional benefits of Kratom and making strains which require lower maintenance and can therefore reduce the price

Our Team

Christopher B. James
Virginia G. Olivera

Founder & Chief Editor


Julie T. Riggle
Carmen E. Collins

Writer & Expert on Kratom