Is Kratom legal in Arkansas, and Where can you buy it?

Kratom is a plant that is actually grown in the southeastern part of Asia. This plant has been known to have medicinal as well as sedative effects on the people who consume it. The plant is commonly available in easy to consume forms like tablets, capsules and as an infusion in herbal teas, which is by far the most popular way to consume Kratom.

The active ingredient in Kratom is called ‘mitragynine’ and is present in abundance in the leaves of the kratom plant. When taken in low doses, this plant has energizing effects. If you take the kratom leaf in higher doses, then the plant has sedative effects. There are many people in Arkansas who used to take this plant as an alternative treatment to anxiety and depression.

Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas?

No. Kratom is not legal in Arkansas as of now. Kratom was earlier legal in the state of Arkansas. But unfortunately, the state council placed this harmless herb in the schedule of illegal drugs, and it has categorized Kratom as a Schedule I drug. This means that you are not allowed to buy, sell, store, or consume Kratom in any form when you are in Arkansas.

Many people have protested against this move by the state government, saying that the government did not have enough information or evidence when they put the ban in force, and technically Kratom is not exactly an opioid and does not deserve to be a schedule 1 drug.

What are the Kratom laws in Arkansas?

People who swear by the effects of Kratom have not stopped fighting to overturn Arkansas’s ban on Kratom. There are a variety of petitions as well as social media pages that have been launched since the year 2015 in support of Kratom. Residents of the state of Arkansas who want Kratom to become legal again are advised to contact their local government representatives in the house and force them to make Kratom legal again. 

The whole ban is said to have come in because of a single unwarranted letter by a doctor who thought that consuming Kratom showed similar symptoms as when a person consumes an opioid like heroin or morphine. This letter is what is said to have caused the Arkansas government to ban Kratom totally within the state limits.

Activists and residents argue that they were not given enough of a chance to air their views to the government before the ban came into force. It has been scientifically proven that the kratom plant belongs to the coffee plant and not to an opium plant, as the Arkansas government previously thought.

Where to buy Kratom in Arkansas?

Because Kratom is banned in Arkansas in totality, there are no legal establishments that are selling Kratom. Anyone who sells or buys or consumes Kratom within Arkansas state limits is committing a felony and can face up to 20 years in jail for the same.

Why you shouldn’t buy Kratom locally

If you are crossing state lines to buy and use Kratom, then you must be very careful. It is known that Kratom is not available in its pure form in many of the shops that border the Arkansas state line. Most of these shops sell Kratom in an adulterated and un-hygienic fashion. Consuming such Kratom could lead to a lot of side effects on your body and, in very serious cases, also result in death.

Local vendors do not have to worry about their reputations as they are not established. It is easy for them to set up shop elsewhere if they are found to be selling bad quality kratom. This is why you should buy from reputed and trusted online retailers. 

Another thing you should remember is that you can order Kratom online from the comfort of your home while you will have to drive all the way to a shop to buy Kratom that may not be as pure or healthy as one that you get from a branded online vendor. 

Where can you buy Kratom online?

If you have a place that is outside the state line of Arkansas and are interested in getting Kratom delivered freshly to you, then you must definitely look at Coastline Kratom. They are one of the best when it comes to Kratom and are one of the only ones who offer pure and hygienic Kratom to all of their customers. Also, they have Kratom in a lot of different forms that are available, and you can choose the one that suits you with just a click.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you get a lot of privacy when you are buying online. No one knows who you are, and even the delivery executive will not know what it is that he is delivering to you. Online portals also offer you huge discounts when it comes to Kratom. This is unlike local stores whose prices are always high and are fixed.

In conclusion

Kratom in Arkansas is not legal, and you should not be in possession or be found consuming of this medicinal herb if you are within the Arkansas state limit. If you do, it is considered a felony, and you will be subject to a heavy fine as well as jail time. The workaround this is to go outside the state and consume Kratom as much as you want as outside the state, the laws are different. This can be beneficial to people who live in the border areas of Arkansas. For people who want to get the benefits of Kratom, you will have to wait till your representatives in the Arkansas house take a stand and upturn the bill that put Kratom in the 1st schedule of drugs. You can urge your local and state representatives via signature campaigns and other activities so that they can realize the grave mistake that was made in the year 2015 about placing a ban on Kratom.