Is Kratom Legal in Kansas? Where can you buy it?

Did you know that at some point in a time gone by, it was illegal to serve ice cream on cherry pie in the state of Kansas. However, kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is welcomed in Kansas. It is a plant indigenous to Southeast Asia where it has been used for centuries for mental clarity and focus and to gain a boost in energy at the end of a fatigue ridden day. If you are buying kratom for the first time, you must know that it comes in three varieties, red, white and green.

Each of these varieties produces a different effect on the body due to different alkaloids present within its leaves. The veins and the stems have this colour and can be easily identified by looking at the leaf. However, the stems and the veins are crushed along with the leaf when they turn it into a powder. 

In the US, the powder is made into teas or eaten raw in the form of pills and capsules or vaped. Some have also used it to wean themselves off the more dangerous opioids as it lessens the withdrawal symptoms. The little research done in this area suggests that it targets the areas of the brain that responds to opioids.

This last bit usually has sparked much debate on whether kratom should be banned in the United States as well as in the individual state territories. At present, the federal government is waiting for the research to be over to ascertain the properties of kratom before moving ahead in one way or the other. Thus, the decision to use or ban it at present lies in the hands of the individual states. 

Is Kratom Legal in Kansas?

Yes it is at present legal in the absence of a law but soon it will still be legal with the law backing it properly in the form of a Kratom Consumer Protection Act. 

This Act should be in place sometime this year… sooner rather than later. Maybe it will be in place by the time this document is published as the hearing for this Act is scheduled for today 19th March 2020.

What are the Kratom laws in Kansas?

The DEA in 2016 announced that it intended to add kratom to the Scheduled I drugs list like some of the other dangerous drugs like heroin, LSD and cocaine. They said that products are inconsistent and are difficult to identify or their purity levels. However, in the same year in October 2016 they changed their stance to first study the plant and its products. 

Similarly, the FDA has also over the years played the see-saw on kratom legalisation and at present have decided to settle on a course where they shall study it before bringing out their verdict on kratom.

Not to be left behind, the state of Kansas also tried to first add kratom to the list of controlled substances with SB282  in 2018 but due to the action of kratom supporters refrained and struck off kratom from the bill before passing it.

The CDC (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reported in 2019 of 15 deaths between 2014 and 2016 that involved the use of kratom with other substances. They also tracked the kratom related issues logged between 2010 and 2015 and found them to be at 42% but were not of a major type while only 7% of them qualified as life threatening.

In January 2020, through HB2400 Kansas lawmakers are reviewing kratom extensively and shall pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act soon. The hearing for it is scheduled at 2:00 pm today and we wish it luck and hope that it passes soon. 

Where to buy Kratom in Kansas?

Kratom at present is available as plants, powders, capsules, tablets, gum/resin, liquids and drug patches at many places in Kansas. Some of them are:

  • Let’s Vape & Smoke Shop KC | Kratom & CBD Store, 3745 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111
  • Exotic KC Vape N Smoke | CBD Store | Kratom | Head Shop, 3919 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111
  • 660 Vape and Smoke Shop KC | Kratom Store, 660 E Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64145
  • Hutch Kratom, 1017 E 4th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501
  • kratom | CBD | Head | Smoke Shop | KC, 10145 Wornall Rd #B, Kansas City, MO 64114

However, buy kratom only from a trusted vendor as the law at present does not control the operation at all.

Why you shouldn’t buy Kratom locally

Buying locally from a vendor may be a risky thing unless you buy it off a trusted vendor who has  a proper third party check of its products. Always buy kratom which is free of contaminants and is high quality and focus not only on the cost while buying.

As there are no legislations that govern kratom in Kansas at present, the onus of providing quality falls on the kratom vendor and their relationship with you. Some might even provide you with just about anything in the name of kratom – intentionally or otherwise. So a good practise will be to buy it online as most online vendors follow proper practises and also showcase those practises.

Where can you buy Kratom online?

Some of the online vendors also have a nationwide presence which is proof that they provide a quality product. Others also ensure that they have a routine third party check of the products they sell to make sure of the product’s safety and quality. 

The online world has also brought the market within the privacy of your home and it is easier to find brands that have a good reputation and are trustworthy like Coastline Kratom and others. Online buying also provides innumerable offers and discounts saving you a bit. Do remember to check the reviews section before you buy to get an idea about the vendor and their products.

In conclusion

Kansas is moving in the right direction in terms of framing the laws to control the sale, distribution, possession and use of kratom. Once the Kratom Consumer Protection Act is passed in the Senate, it will ensure a safe environment for both the vendors as well as the consumers of kratom in terms of quality of the product.