Is Kratom Legal in Maine? Where can you buy it?

Kratom is easily available in Maine as a powder of the dried leaves of Mitragyna speciosa plant. This plant is indegenous to Southeast Asia and people there have been chewing on its leaves for many centuries now to treat a variety of body pains, to enhance the mood and to reduce fatigue after a hard day of work in the fields.

In the US, the dried leaf powder is brewed as tea or eaten raw in the form of pills and capsules or vaped. Some have also used it to wean themselves off the more dangerous opioids as it lessens the withdrawal symptoms. Research has shown that it targets the areas of the brain that respond to opioids.

This last bit regarding the opioid-like function of kratom is the matter of most kratom debates. At present, the federal government is waiting for the results of a research to move ahead on legislation. Thus, the decision to use or ban kratom at present lies in the hands of the individual states. 

Is Kratom Legal in Maine?

At present kratom is legal in Maine.

Though many times legislation tried to ban it and control it as well but due to immense public support none of the bills could be turned into an act. But every ying has a yang and the absence of law means that kratom could go out of control easily.

What are the Kratom laws in Maine?

In 2017, a bill SP0428 LD 1384 to add kratom to the Scheduled list of controlled substances was left out. Then a MRS Title 17-A, Chapter 45. Drugs meant to add kratom to Schedule W which would have put it into the category with dangerous opioids but was rejected.

This shook up the kratom community and a huge review petition initiative started. Kratom supporters urged the public to voice their opinions and their experiences with kratom. This helped in the bill being passed but kratom was spared from it.

In 2019, the RI H5542 was meant as a Kratom Consumer Protection Act but the bill died in the Senate. The committee in March 2020 recommended that kratom needed further study before legislation for it may be finalised. 

In the meantime, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in 2016 intended to classify kratom as a Schedule I drug but quickly withdrew their claim in response to a major backlash from the public in the same year. Their withdrawal of intent statement suggests that they need more information on kratom.

So, kratom in the absence of any legal papers on the issue allows it to be used, possessed, sold, etc. to the public. It is also legal to farm, distribute and process the product in Maine. There are also no bills that are currently waiting to be passed and the public is free to use kratom in the near and foreseeable future. 

The FDA however in 2018 almost banned kratom after many batches of it from a few of the vendors were found to be contaminated with Salmonella and resulted in multi state infections. They since advise consumers to avoid all products that contain kratom.

Where to buy Kratom in Maine?

In the absence of any laws at present, there is no dearth of places where you can find kratom in its many and varied forms. Here are a few places to buy kratom in no order of preference:

  • Maine Nortern Lights, 421 Water St, Gardiner, ME 04345
  • Maine Daze Smoke Shop, 259 St John St, Portland, ME 04102
  • Herbal Tea and Tobacco, 44 Main St, Bangor, ME 04401
  • Norway Smoke Shop, 61 Main St, Norway, ME 04268

Why you shouldn’t buy Kratom locally

The FDA at present does not regulate kratom in any manner other than present its reluctance towards its usage. But this presents a problem to the local consumer of kratom in the sense that the products in the market are not checked for their quality.

You cannot be sure of the ingredients that the product or its concentration levels or even of the fact that the active ingredients are correct or not. Other than losing your money on an untested and uncontrolled product you also run the risk of catching an infection due to unhealthy treatment procedures to make the product. 

This lacuna in the law has allowed many unprofessionals to enter the market who might have an insufficient knowledge of the product. However, not all people are out there to make a quick buck but such rotten apples do give everyone a bad name.

So, stay away from products being offered at some of the smaller local stores or from people who are cultivating these plants in their backyards. It is most advisable to only approach well reputed stores both locally or online who have a proper procedure and the right set up to make kratom products.

Where can you buy Kratom online?

Online shopping for most of us especially in light of the above mentioned reasons is about security and safety. But thankfully kratom powders and extracts available online are mostly safe and secure due to the fact that most big retailers do a third party check to ensure quality.

It is easier to find brands online that have a good reputation, are trustworthy and are well known like Coastline Kratom and others. Some of them also have a nationwide presence which in itself is a proof of their commitment towards providing a quality product.

Most retailers also deliver the packet to your doorstep quickly and discreetly. And in case you do not like the product for whatever reason, most online players have an easy return and refund policy.

In conclusion

On-going research on kratom should bring clarity on its useful and harmful effects, if any. 

Till the study is complete and in the absence of any legal restrictions in the way, although it is completely legal to buy, use, sell, store, gift or any other activity involving kratom in Maine. However, do stay safe and buy it only from a good and reputed online or local store who have a good knowledge about kratom and can also guide you regarding its uses and benefits.