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The legality of kratom and its products concerns every user, seller and buyer. There is no single law that refers to the entire United States on kratom usage. Every state is supposed to allow or deny its use as they see fit. This makes figuring out the legality of kratom in any one state a tricky subject. 

For the yet uninitiated, kratom is a plant of the coffee family that has been grown in Southeast Asia for centuries. People have used its leaves as a stimulant to boost their energy and moods while they laboured under the sun in the agricultural fields. The leaves of the plant are either chewed directly or ground down and extracted as a herbal supplement. In the state of New Jersey, it is available as powders, leaves, extracts, capsules, pills, vapes and more.

Kratom can be found in three distinct colours, red, white and green. This colour to kratom comes from the stems and the veins of the leaf that have different chemical compositions. However, the stems and veins of the leaf are not consumed in the products available in the market. 

The colour also differentiates the effect it produces on the mind and the body. Be aware that this simple kratom differentiation is in reality quite complicated as there are varied effects within the same colour as the final product depends upon where was the plant grown, the climate, the harvesting method and the processing quality. The kind of kratom best suited to your needs depends upon your personal preferences and your situation. 

Despite kratom being so popular and accessible, questions remain unanswered regarding its regulation, potential versus marketed benefits and its effect on health of the individual. There is also most times no clarity from individual governments regarding its legality. However, New Jersey is slightly easier to figure out than the rest.

Is Kratom Legal In New Jersey?

It is legal in New Jersey because they have successfully been able to see sense and reject many bills that meant to ban kratom. One New Jersey State Assemblyman Ron Dancer is though completely against it and someone needs to pacify him as soon as possible.

Kratom Legality In New Jersey?

Since March 2018, kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is completely legal in the state of New Jersey. Kratom enthusiasts are allowed to sell, distribute, possess and use it in any quantity without worrying about any legal ramifications. But this legal status has not been without its own struggle against quite a few bills in the Senate that meant to ban it.

In May 2015, A4431 wanted to criminalize the manufacture, sale and possession of substances that contain kratom and was introduced by Assemblyman Ron Dancer. The bill wanted to criminalise kratom as it has opioid like properties but did not provide any supporting evidence towards this statement. 

He also stated that as per the FDA and their scientific literature, we should be concerned about the toxicity of kratom and about its effect on the human body. But failed to clarify which scientific literature he was referring to make this statement. Such statements and claims though are not true but do have the capacity to misinform people who could find solace for their chronic pains, anxiety disorders as well as a chance to wean off them from the dangerous kinds of opioids.

It created a lot of public outcry and over a thousand people signed a petition asking the Governor of New Jersey to not approve of it. If this bill were to have been passed, any possession of kratom would have been a crime of the fourth degree which would have brought a prison sentence of 18 months, a fine of $10,000 or both. The bill did not pass in the committee as it did not reach the 25% pass percentage. It was however converted to A3281.

This carryover of the previous A4431 was tabled in February 2016. This bill was also introduced and sponsored by the Assemblyman Ron Dancer and contained the exact same wordings as the previous one. This too underwent the same thores in its deathbed of less than 25% votes and could not pass. Both these bills listed the symptoms of kratom that were humongously inaccurate and were put forth by the same politician.

In August 2016, the DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Administration) intended to place kratom into the Schedule I category thus banning its use, sale and distribution all over the United States. However after a major public backlash and outcry they withdrew their intent to place kratom in this category. They are at present trying to figure out through scientific studies the true nature of kratom.

The FDA in June 2018 cracked down hard on kratom manufacturers and sellers across the US due to a salmonella infestation of the products from a few vendors. They also reminded the consumers of kratom that a product contaminated with Salmonella can make not just the people who consume these products but also cross contaminate and expose others to it.

Later in 2018, a study conducted by a group of researchers that reviewed the abuse potential of kratom against a 8-factor analysis found kratom to be no more addictive than coffee. They also proved that it does not cause any of the serious health risks that many people refer to and also do not have the same effect on the brain as other opioids like heroin, cocaine, etc.

Ron Dancer however, again introduced the same bill to ban kratom in January 2020 in the form of A2236. But the third time lucky criteria also failed him as well as the bill to pass again.

Where Can You Buy Kratom In New Jersey?

As kratom is legal in the state of New Jersey, there is no dearth of places to find where you can get kratom in its many and varied forms. It is available as powders, capsules, pills, vapes and a lot more. Here are a few places we found in no order of preference:

  • Elite Wellness: CBD • Water • Kratom, 1905 NJ-88, Brick Township, NJ 08724
  • PipeNJ Heady Glass, CBD and Kratom, 602 Mantoloking Rd #1, Brick Township, NJ 08723
  • The Shop on Tilton, 201 Tilton Rd, Northfield, NJ 08225
  • Montreal Vape N Smoke N CBD, 706 NJ-18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816
  • Urban Chaos Smoke Shop, 16 Division St, Somerville, NJ 08876

Why Buying Locally Is Not Safe?

A huge number of vape shops and other health shops provide kratom to the locals as well as visitors in New Jersey. But in the absence of any law governing the cultivation, processing or sale of kratom at the federal or state level at present, it attracts a bit of risk. Kratom is not classified which means anyone is allowed to purchase and own the plant and sell and distribute within the state of New Jersey.

The FDA at present does not regulate kratom in any manner other than present its reluctance towards its usage. But this presents a problem to the local consumer of kratom in the sense that the products in the market may not be checked properly.

Local vendors frequently may not specialise in kratom handling. Kratom needs a strict range of temperature and sunshine along with the right method to process it. Some vendors also wrongly label kratom stating that it can give you a high. Such inferior quality of the product and wrong labelling increase the negative attention to kratom and could in the future result in its ban.

A trustworthy vendor is one who gets their product tested by a third party vendor to ensure its purity and safety. Such vendors will also keep on the legal side of things and not engage in reckless practises like selling kratom to minors. These vendors are the only place locally that one should visit to get a value for their money in the form of a strong and fresh product. Or else go online where it is much easier to find trustworthy vendors of kratom.

Buy Kratom Online In New Jersey?

To get the exact variety of kratom that is beneficial to you it is easiest to order it through an online vendor. For instance we recommend Coastline Kratom as one such preferred online vendor for Kratom both because their products are consistently strong and also that they regularly test all of their products for safety and quality. 

Other benefits to buy online is the convenience of your home, the complete secrecy of your package delivered and the option to return and get reimbursed in case the product is not to your taste. Online shopping also provides you with an array of discounts and other marketing freebies that can get you the product at a much cheaper cost.

Closing Thoughts

Unless Assemblyman Ron Dancer changes the wordings in the next bill he submits that has some actual scientific backing, kratom shall remain legal in the State of New Jersey. But this ease of procurement of the product should not dull you into thinking that all of the products in the market are safe to use. 

Check out the vendor before you buy the kratom and be safe. We think that a Kratom Act to control the cultivation and sale of kratom in the state will help both the pro and anti kratom people.