Is Kratom Legal in North Carolina? Where can you buy it?

The legality of kratom and its products concerns every buyer. As no single law refers to the entire United States and states are supposed to allow or deny its use as they see fit, it makes for a tricky subject. Sometimes new bans or updates to the state laws on kratom simply pop out of nowhere and it becomes hard to find these updated and reliable sources of information.

Kratom is a plant of the coffee family that has been grown in Southeast Asia for centuries. People there use its leaves as a stimulant to boost their energy and moods. The leaves of the plant are either chewed directly or ground down and extracted as a herbal supplement. In the state of North Carolina, it is available as powders, leaves, extracts, capsules, pills, vapes and more.

Kratom is available in three different colours, red, white and green. This division is based upon the colour of its stem and the veins of the leaf. These colours are due to different chemical compositions in the leaves that make up the different alkaloids it contains. The colour also differentiates the effect the kratom variety can produce on the mind and the body. 

The kind of kratom best suited to your needs depends upon your personal preferences and your situation. Be aware that this simple kratom differentiation becomes complicated as there are varied effects even within the same coloured strain as it all depends upon the location of growth, the climate, the harvesting method and the processing quality of the finished product.

Despite kratom being so popular and accessible, questions remain unanswered regarding its regulation, potential versus the marketed benefits and its effect on health of the individual. There is also most times no clarity from individual governments regarding its legality. However, North Carolina has made up its mind on the legality issue.

Is Kratom Legal in North Carolina?

Unquestionably legal!

Kratom was made legal in North Carolina for any and all people above the ages of 18 through a bill passed in 2016.

What are the Kratom laws in North Carolina?

Although kratom has been legal for a while in North Carolina, its position is on shaky grounds. The media unfortunately keeps comparing it with “legally high” items available like bath salts, incense and other synthetic products. If not held back, this misinformation can do more harm.

Declaring it illegal then would be a huge disappointment to its many users who depend upon it. Such conflicting information also has started to scare off some vendors who have recently stopped stocking kratom on their shelves.

Kratom at present in North Carolina can be bought and used by anyone over 18 years of age. There are many positive effects of its usage and there are many people who have been able to improve their health and enjoy life through its proper use. It is a natural alternative to pain medications, anxiety pills, antidepressants, energy booster as well as a safe method to wean someone off opioid addiction.

There was a bill in North Carolina’s legal history that meant to ban kratom but after various petitions, it was amended and instead an age restriction towards its usage was set instead of a ban. The reason to ban it was due to its presence found in the blood of 23 opiate overdose victims by medical examiners. But supporters pointed out that kratom’s use as an opioid deaddiction and so the cause of death could not be accurate.

In 2016, Senate Bill 830, the only kratom legislation in North Carolina was enacted. Funnily, it started off with the intention to add kratom to the state’s list of controlled substances but was amended instead to limit its legality to individuals over 18 years of age. This was a victory for kratom advocates who were anyways receptive of an age restriction on kratom usage.

This amended bill was discussed as House Bill 747 at Raleigh and the bill prohibits the use of kratom for minors. Questions that were raised due to these discussions during kratom legalisation led the state officials to study the plant in detail. In the last around 3 years now as there has been no news on it, it may be safely assumed that either the study is still underway or they have found no reason for concern. 

In 2017, data from the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) showed almost 50,000 opioid overdose deaths while about 70,000 deaths were registered due to prescription drug overdose. Meanwhile the FDA found only 44 deaths out of these had a connection with kratom. But even those were based on circumstantial and questionable data. Nonetheless, kratom advocates launched massive petition campaigns to ensure that kratom stays legal in North Carolina.

In June 2019, the FDA sent a warning letter to a North Carolina company – Kratom NC in Wilmington due to microbial contamination and warned them that their marketing of kratom to treat disorders is illegal. It also warned consumers to not use those products.

Where to buy Kratom in North Carolina?

As kratom is legal in the state of North Carolina, there is no dearth of places to find where you can get kratom in its many and varied forms. It is available as powders, capsules, pills, vapes and a lot more. 

Here are a few places where you may start your search for the kratom product that suits you best.

  • Kratom NC, 925 S Kerr Ave m2, Wilmington, NC 28403
  • Smoke & Talk Kratom, Kava, 3671 New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC 27610
  • 7 Star Tobacco, Kratom, Vape & CBD #1, 3585 Maitland Dr, Raleigh, NC 27610
  • H1 Vape and Kratom Shop, 606 W Main St, Beulaville, NC 28518
  • iHemp CBD & Kratom, 2100 N Main St ste #104, High Point, NC 27262

Why you shouldn’t buy Kratom locally

The FDA at present does not regulate kratom in any manner other than present its reluctance towards its usage. But this presents a problem to the local consumer of kratom in the sense that the products in the market may not be checked properly.

One cannot be too sure of the ingredients used in the product or their concentration levels or even of the fact that the active ingredients are correct or not as mentioned in the label. You have no way to tell whether the product you buy locally has not by chance been contaminated in any manner either. 

Other than losing your money on an untested and uncontrolled product you also run the risk of catching an infection due to wrong procedures used to make the product. However, not all vendors are bad but the rotten apples do have the potential to give everybody a bad name.

You do not want to be stuck with a watered down version of the kratom product either as it will not provide the health benefits while you also lose money, time and effort. Kratom quality depends a lot on how it is grown and extracted to provide the proper advantages and the best care to your body.

So, stay away from products being offered at some of the smaller stores or from such people who are cultivating these plants in their backyards. It is most advisable to only approach well reputed stores both locally or online who have a proper procedure and the right set up to make kratom products.

Where can you buy Kratom online?

Online shopping for most of us especially in light of the above mentioned reasons is all about

being safe and secure. Thankfully kratom powders and extracts available online are mostly

through big retailers who have a third party checking of the product.

Most retailers also deliver the packet to your doorstep quickly and discreetly, never giving away

to anyone what’s inside the box. It is easy to find brands online that have a good reputation, are

trustworthy and are well known like Coastline Kratom and others.

Some of them also have a nationwide presence which in itself is a proof of their commitment

towards providing a quality product. And if in case you do not like the product for whatever

reason or if the variety of kratom you ordered does not suit you, most online players have an

easy return and refund policy.

Buying online can also present a lot of offers and discounts while the product is also delivered to

your doorstep in no time at all. Do remember to check their reviews section before you buy

which will give a fair bit of an idea regarding their experience levels and the quality of their


In conclusion

Be aware, be safe is the way to go when you buy kratom in North Carolina. But that definitely also applies to anything you buy. It is completely legal to buy kratom here just be aware of the quality of the product you get to enjoy the full benefits of the product and a value for your money well spent.