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More and more residents of the Sooner state are trying out this new kid on the block wonder drug called ‘kratom’. It has become popular in the last few years though its history of use is quite ancient. But this old drug or medicine, depending upon which side of the debate you stand, is part of a global controversy regarding its legalisation or ban.

The problem stems from an incomplete knowledge of the Mitrangyna speciosa or Kratom which also produces an opiate like effect to the body just like some of the other dangerous drugs like LSD, heroin and cocaine. But the use of this plant goes back to the time when farmers in South East Asia and Africa used to chew on it to give them an energy boost while working. 

The kratom is used by either directly chewing the leaves of the plant or turning it into a powder to be orally ingested as a pill or capsule or brewed as a tea. Some people are also experimenting with vaping and smoking it like tobacco. People are opening up stalls and joints where these various products can be enjoyed by the public throughout the day.

Kratom has the same narcotic effect on the body like other opiates. Users of kratom claim that it has helped reduce pain, reduces anxiety, puts them to sleep, boosts the mood, increases energy and more. Users also declare that they have been able to treat chronic back pain, arthritis, PTSD, fibromyalgia, etc. Many have used it to wean themselves off drug and alcohol addictions.

Kratom does these seemingly magical things through its three varieties – red, white and green. But despite these huge benefits, it is illegal in many parts of the world as well as in the US as it is seen as an opiate substance.

Is Kratom Legal In Oklahoma?

Absolutely safe and legal.

The state who was the first to declare Christmas as a national holiday is now also working on a bill to regulate the kratom industry and be one of the first states to do so. In the meantime, you are welcome to use kratom in Oklahoma. 

But the journey to this level of awareness was not an easy one.

Kratom Legality In Oklahoma?

As early as 2014, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics wanted to ban kratom through a proposed bill HB2666. They wanted to amend the listing of controlled substances in Schedule I, II and IV and bring kratom under its purview. Their argument was that it is illegal in Thailand which is the country of origin of kratom and so it should be made illegal in the US as well. 

In reality, Thailand had not banned kratom due to its uses and its ameliorative effects. It had been banned in Thailand in 1943 as it used to interfere with the sale of opium that was popular during the World War II. Thailand in fact legalised it for medicinal purposes in 2018.

Another argument for banning it was that it is an unregulated supplement but banning any product thankfully due to such a reason was found not to be efficient. The pro-kratom people in the state were quick to react to the HB2666 bill and successfully signed a petition against it. This resulted in over 1000 signatures which forced the authorities to remove kratom from the bill.

Then in 2016, DEA also thought of making kratom illegal and wanted to add it to the Schedule I drugs like LSD, heroin, cocaine, etc. due to its opiate like effects on the body. Even within the DEA some factions are totally opposed to kratom as it is a psychoactive though naturally occuring compound, while others feel that it could help end the use of other opiates in the country.

They wanted kratom banned due to the poisoning related deaths made in that year which meant that the product has a potential for abuse. They claimed that this potential deadly risk claimed 36 souls in the country but had no substantial evidence to support their claim. And so within the same year withdrew their plans after facing another significant backlash from the public. People said that kratom was helping them alleviate anxiety issues, chronic pain as well as helping manage other conditions.

They finally changed their statement to say that they shall need more research on kratom before they take any further action. They are currently funding two studies through the National Institute of Drug Abuse of nearly $7 million to understand how kratom works.

In 2018, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) then wanted to contain kratom through legal channels due to an outbreak of salmonella linked to the products. Through this they issued a mandatory recall order of the products in multiple states.

They have also been issuing import alerts regarding kratom and its use in various dietary supplements, bulk ingredients, etc. They have also been seizing raw kratom material as well as products made by well known brands. 

In March 2018, the FDA sent warning letters to various companies who sold kratom products in the country telling them that they are selling unapproved drugs that aid in treating opioid addiction and its withdrawals. The companies however claimed that their products also help manage other conditions like strokes and cancer.

The FDA is rather concerned about the safety of kratom in the absence of FDA approved uses. They too are evaluating all kinds of available scientific information on kratom and continues to warn consumers including the use of kratom with other drugs. They also encourage health care professionals and other consumers to report an adverse reaction due to kratom usage through their MedWatch program.

However, all of these bans and restrictions were set to rest in Oklahoma in as recently as March 2020 with the Oklahoma House Bill 2846 which is a heaven sent to all kratom users. This bill once passed will allow the legislature and the various departments to create a Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This Act will put the entire kratom operation on a very solid ground and turn the industry completely legal and organised.

Where Can You Buy Kratom In Oklahoma?

A huge number of herb shops, health shops, vape and smoke places offer kratom in all of its various forms. Some of the places in no order of preference are:

  • Artisan Botanicals CBD and Kratom, 2601 S Douglas Blvd Suite 170, Midwest City, OK 73130
  • Lotus Botanicals, 4104 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
  • Earthly Mist, 2220 SW 74th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73159
  • 23rd Street Vapes, 131 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
  • Exhale Vapor & Smoke Shop, 10401 S Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73159
  • Keltic Kures LLC, 3308 N MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73122
  • And many more.

Do please check the background of any stores you approach and buy only from a trusted place who can provide you with a quality product.

Why Buying Locally Is Not Safe?

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is yet being written. Once it is in place, you shall have no qualms in approaching any of the vendors to find a quality product. However, at present the legal scenario is in a state of flux and one needs to be watchful of what you buy.

Do not please read this as if all vendors are unscrupulous but you need to protect yourself till the state fixes the law. The best way ahead till then is to approach only well known brands and stores you trust will provide a quality material.

The optimal way to buy is through someone who has a lab tested product that shall guarantee the purity of the product and its quality. If you are unable to find such stores locally then your best bet are trustworthy online vendors of kratom.

Buy Kratom Online In Oklahoma?

To get the exact variety of kratom that is beneficial to you and healthy is to order it through an online vendor you trust. For instance we recommend Coastline Kratom as one such preferred online vendor for Kratom both because their products are consistently strong and also that they regularly test all of their products for safety and quality. 

Other benefits to buy online is the convenience of your home, the complete secrecy of your package delivered and the option to return and get reimbursed in case the product is not to your taste. Online shopping also provides you with an array of discounts and other marketing freebies that can get you the product at a much cheaper cost.

Closing Thoughts

The state of Oklahoma is going in the right direction by bringing out the Kratom Consumer Protection Act that will legitimise and control the entire kratom industry. The citizens will benefit a lot by such progressive thinking not just individually but also in terms of increased commerce, job opportunities and better health care.

Do please remember in the meantime to buy your kratom from a trustworthy and well-known place to ensure that you get a product that is value for your money.