Is Kratom Legal In Rhode Island? What Will Be Its Future There?

What is Kratom?

Kratom, is used commonly as a recreational drug. Research was conducted by doctors, and it was found that Kratom attaches themselves to the same part of the nerve cells as the opioid painkillers do. The effect that it creates in your mind when taken is somewhat similar to opioid only. Although, studies are being carried out on a detailed study of the medicine, its working and function. 

Its use is banned in many parts of the world since taking it can cause serious side effects and could be addictive. Even its originators, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and some other European countries use this drug only in a controlled manner. It was in 2016 that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) proposed restricted use of Kratom at the federal level, but soon the idea was dropped, giving scientists more time to study it.

Can you buy Kratom in Rhode Island?

To be honest, Rhode Island will not officially permit you to buy Kratom. The authorities in Rhode Island have criminalised the two primary ingredients in Kratom, namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, alkaloids that can have analgesic, anti-inflammatory or even muscle relaxant effects.  

Talking of the current scenario, Kratom is illegal in Rhode Island, unlike the other parts of the United States. However, there is a constant effort in the process to reverse the Kratom ban in Rhode Island. A new bill to remove Kratom ban and regulate its use in the state instead is presently in Committee.  

There are many other states that have legalised Kratom and its use as a drug to ease fibromyalgia, including Nevada. Rhode Island, on the contrary, has chosen to outlaw Kratom. In the year 2017, the Rhode Island Department of Health decided to include mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in the list of drugs mentioned under the Rhode Island Controlled Substances Act. 

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA), 1970 is a federal act passed and governed by the U.S. Congress that imposes restrictions on the use of certain drugs in the state. It defines drug control policy under federal control. The laws identified under this Act are related to possession, sale, import, manufacturing and distribution of certain drugs or substances which are listed under it. This list includes primarily, only the substances that were the recommendations of U.S. Congress. Later on, these were managed collaboratively by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), U.S. Congress and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

When the authorities of Rhode Island decided to put a ban on Kratom, it was done secretly, without the public being aware of the process. This was done to avoid any kind of mishap and conflicts in the state but only caused confusion among members on the legality of Kratom on Rhode Island. The main reason behind this confusion can be credited to the Controlled Substances Act list that does not mention Kratom in it.

It was only later, in a news story that covered the same subject as discussed above, that Kratom was indeed banned in Rhode Island. This definitely caused some chaos among the inhabitants.  

Future of Kratom in Rhode Island

But the story did not die here. Some recent efforts and developments throw a light upon the legalisation of Kratom in Rhode Island. At the end of February 2019, two sponsors proposed a Kratom Consumer Protection Act. But the proposal went vain and eventually died in the Committee. But this does not weaken their will. 

There were many concerned parties regarding the legalisation of Kratom in Rhode Island, which gave birth to a proposal by two sponsors. According to the recommended Act, it would regulate the distribution of products that contained Kratom. But this was not adopted.

It also called for strict control of these Kratom products and any adulterated or contaminated Kratom by a non-kratom one. It also noted that any Kratom product would ensure proper packaging and labelling, mentioning the correct concentration of alkaloids used in it.

The Act would work in the interests of people, and any synthetic version of Kratom will be banned. If a person sells a Kratom product with a concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine higher than 2%, it will be considered unlawful, and actions against the Act would be ensured. But these recommendations died even before getting implemented.

The state‚Äôs concerned ruling Committee has recommended further study on Kratom and its safety concerning the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. 

The state and federal laws work in conjunction with the DEA. The final decisions made by the DEA will determine the future of legality of Kratom in Rhode Island. The results can have a significant impact on the major decision. It is not necessary that the scheduling of substances always results in the complete omission of it prohibiting consumer exposure to the substance.

Where can you buy Kratom in Rhode Island?

Due to the absence of any medical evidence on Kratom’s credibility as a suitable drug, it is illegal right now in Rhode Island. But it is sold online by many manufacturers and the ones who import it from other countries. They act as a third party between online vendors and the sellers. Since the government has avoided making any comment on its viability, it would be a criminal offence in engaging oneself in the buying and selling of Kratom.