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With the increasing use of Kratom as a medicinal drug that suits a person’s health and improves its functions, there is an ardent need for questioning its viability. Doctors have been studying its properties over the years in an attempt to figure out its usefulness and harmful effects that can be caused to a person.

 After all, it lies in the interest of the State to regulate the use of only secured substances that is healthy to use by people. A mitragyna speciosa, usually found in Indonesia and Thailand, is a member of the coffee family with analgesic qualities that may provide relief from crucial aches.

It is also known to relax your muscles and calm them under any kind of physical or mental strain.

Is Kratom Legal In South Carolina?

Kratom is legal in South Carolina state, one can rest assured since it is absolutely governed by legal procedures in the regarding the area. The Food and Drug Administration has, however, indicated that the Drug is both addictive and dangerous to a person’s health. But it is widely practised and used by the citizens of South Carolina.

Kratom Legality In South Carolina?

It is even legal federally, only being governed by the laws mentioned specifically to this kind of substances and drugs.

Whenever one hears South Carolina, it comes to him or her that this is one hell of a strict state where one cannot even imagine a liberal sale of Kratom. But this is a misconception that has been rooted in the minds of people. South Carolina totally liberalise the use of Kratom, declaring it as one of the potential cure for people under mental or physical stress.

How much dependent are the people of South Carolina on Kratom??

The inhabitants of this State are largely dependent upon this Drug for their lives. They believe that the Drug has many positive effects to offer and has become a part of their daily survival. People here in South Carolina believe that this Drug has changed their lives for good and has brought enjoyment in their dull scheduled life.

Restricting its use will disappoint many people residing in South Carolina. Vendors are scared to stock Kratom freely at their shops due to the conflicts that have erupted between the authorities and Drug Enforcement Administration regarding the use of Kratom. They now find it risky to stock kratom.

There are no such restrictions for consumers on how much Kratom they can buy, possess or use. It is their will and need, which decides the above factors. Kratom is a medicinal herb that has many advantages when used accordingly. Many people from South Carolina have used it and reviewed it as one of the essential components of their daily lives which have improved their lifestyle a great deal. It can even be used as a natural alternative to pain killers, anti-depressants or anxiolytic, energy booster or concentration aid as well.

What do FDA and DEA have to say upon this?

The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Food and Drug Administration have been very clear since the beginning regarding the regulation of Kratom in South Carolina. It, in fact, banned the use of Kratom once in 2016 but was soon backtracked due to the protests by the users.

But their efforts are still trying to make their way out of it. The FDA claims that Kratom has killed 44 people in the US since 2011, which is a serious concern. No matter how gravely are people attached to this Drug, it just doesn’t grant them the permit to ruin their lives. People claim it to be a non-hallucinogenic and safer substitute for other pain medications, but this is just an understatement.

It is thus clear that neither the FDA nor the DEA permits the use of Kratom. And whenever you wish to consume this Drug, do so under the guidance of your physician at least. The FDA does not consider it as a herbal supplement.

Although, the current regulations allow the use of Kratom as a medicinal herb that does not guarantee you that you would not have to face by legal difficulties. Many times people use Kratom as an alternative to opioid to control pain since when the alkaloids present in the Kratom reacts to your nervous system’s receptors, it releases endorphins and enkephalins which welcomes numbness in your aching area. It feels soothing for the time being but can also cause drivers’ reactions to slow entitling you for arrest under other illegal activities.

Underage sale and possession of Kratom in South Carolina

There is no legislative regulation as such imposed on the use of Kratom in South Carolina. However, just across the line, in North Carolina, where its use is prohibited to those 18 and older, might find teens travelling with their legally purchased supply.

Closing Thoughts

Discovering above mentioned facts, there is one thing that clears in our mind, the legalised use of Kratom in South Carolina and its constant battle with the FDA and the DEA. If you intake Kratom or marijuana for any reason, medical or recreational, it is under totally your concern since the Food and Drug Administration does not approve its legality or viability. It is totally under your responsibility. 

The FDA is constantly fighting to restrict the use of Kratom in South Carolina as an attempt to save lives and ensure healthy survival of mankind which is often disrupted by the temporary pursuits of privileged sections.

People are misguided by the fact that the Drug provides them energy. This is only short-lived and manipulated. People do not understand why there is such a need to backlash the use of Kratom. The DEA has already been successful once in making it illegal and bans it in the province of South Carolina. It can do the same once again.

Several associations are fighting together to make this opposition become successful, once again ensuring the survival of healthy mankind.