Is Kratom Legal in Tennessee? Where can you buy it?

Tennessee, the music capital of the world, does enjoy using Kratom and experiencing its analgesic effects. Kratom, which is basically a medicinal drug used by almost half of the States of the U.S. for a variety of purposes, is indigenous to Asian parts of the world. It finds its main source from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

There have been many debates regarding the regulation of Kratom in various states which has now been sorted out somehow, urging different states to make their own policy in reference to the same subject mentioned above. However DEA has been pushing to ban Kratom on and off for years now.

Is Kratom Legal in Tennessee?

Kratom is legal in Tennessee with some age and form restrictions. It was in the year 2014 when a bill was passed by the Tennessee officials that made the use of synthetic substances illegal. This list also included the name of one commonly privileged drug- Kratom. It said that Kratom is legal in Tennessee as long as it is served naturally in its botanical form. 

This means that natural, pure Kratom powder is legal, whereas the adulterated or synthetic versions of the same are banned in Tennessee. Furthermore, you must be 21 or above in age to be able to buy Kratom in Tennessee.

After these recommendations, there was much confusion among the citizens regarding its legislation since the message was not being carried away properly. 

The user 2017 and 2018 again reviewed another bill on the Controlled Substances which witnessed the name of Kratom in it too. The regular users of the drug were worried that their auxiliary help might be banned. 

But to their relief, it was not banned. So as per the current scenario, Kratom powder, Kratom capsules that contain only pure Kratom powder and Kratom extracts are totally legal in Tennessee. 

The only two restrictions put on its sale are:

  • The individuals below the age of 21 cannot buy it, restricting its use only to adults who are above 21. 
  • Kratom extracts need to carry with them a label with disclaimers stating that pregnant and nursing individuals, as well as those under 21 years of age, should not use Kratom. The disclaimer must also include the conditions under which Kratom should be and shouldn’t be taken. For instance, Kratom should not be used with alcohol or other medications neither should it be taken without the consultation of their physician in case the person is a patient of heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disorder or any other medical issue. 

The Attorney General of the state issued a statement to clear out the confusion from the minds of citizens regarding the legalisation of Kratom in Tennessee, in regard to the two conditions as stated earlier.

Where can you buy Kratom in Tennessee?

One who wishes to find Kratom in Tennessee can easily get one in any of the smoke shops in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and other such locations. But it is always recommended that you buy Kratom online. 

Buying it online and by certain trusted vendors, allows you to enjoy a much greater chance of a strong, high-quality and lab-tested Kratom at the most optimal prices. 

You can purchase a variety of strains in any of the largest cities of Tennessee. It is one of the total 44 states that grants the permit for Kratom legally. There are some guidelines though, regarding its sale. 

The vendors cannot sell any adulterated or synthetic version of Kratom. Instead, it must come in natural form with proper labels to it. These guidelines took the shape of law in 2014. 

Some Online vendors that sell Kratom in Tennessee

It is preferable to purchase Kratom online by trusted sellers at affordable prices with consistent quality. There are a couple of local online options to buy Kratom in Tennessee which ensures high quality at cheap rates and in quick time.

  • Clarksville Kratom, LLC

This is an online store that offers Kratom delivery in the nearby local area around Clarksville. It cost $5 USPS for shipping and its every product is lab tested, sold in bulk quantities. Be it red, white or green mitragyna speciosa, the rates for each strain is the same, i.e. $5 for 1 ounce, $50 for 1 pound and $90 for 1 kilo (2.2 pounds).

  • Tom’s Smoky Mountain Tea

This is yet another vendor who sells and ships Kratom online from Murfreesboro and Madison, Tennessee. This is basically a tea vendor who offers free shipping of Kratom, making it a great choice for buyers to choose him. This online store sells four basic strains of Kratom; Red, Green, Yellow and White. From a variety of total of nine Kratom products, you are free to make your desired choice. Each product sells $10 for every ounce and is shipped the next business day.

E-retailers in Tennessee that sells Kratom

  • Kratom crazy

This vendor stocks around 34 Kratom products which includes powder, capsules and extracts. Kratom crazy is a well-known vendor that ships from Florida and does not take much time to ship in Tennessee. It offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • USA Botanicals

Do not wish to invest much of your capital and still have the best product? USA Botanicals is the right place for you that offers Kratom powder at only $4.99. You can also grab an order of capsules for only $11.99. 


So now you know where to find Kratom in Tennessee at affordable rates and at high quality. It is always preferred to go for online shopping for Kratom. Tennessee has its own regulations regarding the sale of mitragyna speciosa which are strictly followed by the citizens. However, new recommendations always find their way to make changes in the already existing laws. 

Its restriction for the use of Kratom to underage members is only to ensure public safety and balanced medical conditions. A beautiful state with beautiful music is also there to help you out with your Kratom needs.

You are now aware of the various laws, restrictions, shops and purchasing trends of Kratom in Tennessee. All the best for your purchase here.