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Let’s face it, you opened up this article because you know that kratom is beneficial for a variety of body aches and chronic problems. If you are one of those who do not know kratom yet, it is a tree that naturally grows and is used as a traditional medicine in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Traditionally it is chewed, brewed into a tea or used in cooking. Nowadays they are also consumed as pills or smoked like tobacco. 

Doctors say that kratom contains opioid painkillers that attach to the nerve cells and reduce pain. They also say that it is addictive. But further studies are required to find out the exact nature of kratom. People who have stopped using it report withdrawal symptoms like pain, diarrhoea, fevers and insomnia while others felt nervous, angry, sad or tense.

The FDA almost banned it once in 2016 when it was blamed for many deaths across the country but since then have taken a more cautious approach towards it. They are waiting for scientists and doctors to provide a full report of kratom and its effects on the human body before moving forward.

The home of the maple syrup, the state of Vermont, however has no qualms or second thoughts legally speaking when the question is about kratom.

Is Kratom Legal In Vermont?

No! It is not legal.

Kratom and its various derivatives and products are all completely ILLEGAL to use, possess or purchase in Vermont.

Kratom Legality In Vermont?

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) has reported that kratom leaves contain two compounds namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Both of these compounds as per NIDA may have psychotropic effects and so should not be used. The two most important compounds of kratom derivatives also found mention in Vermont’s regulated drugs list published in June 2019. They are now controlled substances along with other synthetic cannabinoids and other hallucinogens.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) considered banning kratom completely in 2016 from the entire United States. But then stops short due to a public outcry and the pro-kratom lobby. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warned users against its use in 2019. They say that kratom appears to have such properties that may expose its users to risks related to abuse, addiction and dependence. They also raised concerns about false advertisements and marketing and the impurities in the supply of kratom and its products.

The Regulated Drug Rule of Vermont, Chapter 8 – Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Subchapter 9 mentions the two compounds of kratom as designated drugs that are illegal or judged to be potentially harmful and maybe fatal for human consumption. They cannot be used unless prescribed and dispensed by a professional who is fully licensed to prescribe and dispense them in accordance with the prescription. 

However, it does not provide any help regarding how these professionals may prescribe it. It also does not set into place any procedures or rules or any other legally binding processes through which professionals may distribute it. Even when they see that kratom usage could be helpful to a patient or for use by the general public.

This rule also restricts the possession of kratom above a specified quantity and establishes benchmarks for unlawful dosages. It however does provide a baseline that can be used by the prosecutors to seek enhanced penalties towards the possession of higher quantities of kratom and other banned substances.

In April 2019, the Federal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that at least 91 overdose deaths out of 27,000 cases that they examined were due to kratom. Although they also mention that substances other than kratom could also have been responsible in those cases.

But every cloud has a silver lining and the future looks good for kratom usage in Vermont. Draft Bill 878 read on 22 January 2020 aims to decriminalize certain drugs commonly used for medicinal, spiritual, religious or entheogenic purposes. If it finally gets turned into an act, it will decriminalize psilocybin, peyote, ayahuasca as well as kratom.

But until this Bill turns into an Act, kratom is totally illegal in the state of Vermont for all intents and purposes.

Where Can You Buy Kratom In Vermont?

There are quite a few places in Vermont where kratom is easily available though it is illegal in the eye of the law. Many users have found a loophole of sorts in the legal parlance where regulation is less clear. They are getting away by selling and using it for human consumption by marketing it as a form of aromatherapy, herbal and ayurvedic medicine or some such potpourri of plant matter.

They may be able to avoid fines and other criminal prosecutions for the time being at least. But they are definitely playing with fire or probably these store owners are misinformed or maybe they think that the Kratom Act will be in place soon so it is okay to store and sell it. But all such cases are open to interpretation and discussion. 

As it stands, if you still want to buy kratom in Vermont even though the law clearly says that it is illegal, it is available at:

  1. Full Tank, 150A Church St, Burlington, VT 05401
  2. Emporium Tobacco & Gifts, 131 Strongs Ave, Rutland, VT 05701
  3. A Kind Place, 108 North St, Bennington, VT 05201
  4. The Bern Gallery, 135 Main St STE 101, Burlington, VT 05401
  5. Harmony Underground, 26 Harmony Place, Brattleboro, VT 05301

Why Buying Locally Is Not Safe?

Other than the most obvious reason that it is illegal in Vermont to possess, use or sell kratom there are a million reasons one should not buy it locally. While local sellers of kratom might think that they are using some lacuna in the law to their advantage and providing a service to their kratom customers, they are in effect breaking the law by doing so. 

There is no guarantee about these products, how they are cultivated, how they are processed, etc. all of which will affect their quality. Some of them could even be cutting corners to produce them which might provide you with a contaminated product. In such cases, from the legal sense, you are also an accessory to this illegal trade.

Other reasons to not buy kratom from local shops is that kratom requires a very definite treatment to produce a good quality of it. Any toned down versions or contaminations are anyways of no use when it comes to providing pain relief or any of its other ameliorative properties. In the absence of a legal system to control its production, it is very difficult to be absolutely certain that you will get your money’s worth.

Most Vermont residents however are moving to the neighbouring states to get their doses which is a more legal way of obtaining kratom and being on the good side of the law as well. However do please check that the place from where you buy your kratom in the neighbouring state is a reputed and well known establishment to get the best quality of the product.

Buy Kratom Online In Vermont?

Buying online does have its perks in the form of safety, security and ease of buying. One can also avail of the discounts and various other marketing freebies that can get you the product at a much cheaper cost. Also, returning the item in case it does not suit you is also so much easier online.

Most retailers also ensure that the packet is delivered discreetly and quickly to your doorstep while you remain safe and secure in the privacy of your home. But even well known and reputed online vendors like Coastline Kratom just like many others do not ship their products to any consumers in the state of Vermont. The sale to residents of Vermont from any third parties is strictly prohibited unless the laws change and make it legal to sell and possess kratom in Vermont.

Closing Thoughts

The state of Vermont has kratom under lock and key from the legal standpoint as of today. However, the future of kratom usage seems bright as lawmakers and politicians are working to free it from its shackles and bring it out into the open. Till the end of this year when and if Draft Bill 878 turns into an Act, using and keeping kratom in your possession is definitely a risky option in the state of Vermont.

The safest thing to do is to buy and use kratom outside the state and do not keep it on you when you cross the state lines.