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Virginia is one of the original 13 colonies. It is also where all the good things start like the first Thanksgiving. Kratom might be the second good thing that becomes completely legal here in the US. If you are already aware that Kratom’s scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa, then you must already be knowledgeable about its immense health benefits.

For the uninitiated to Kratom – it is a herbal extract of the leaves from a tropical evergreen tree that acts as a mild stimulant. It has proven to reduce pain, cravings, sleeplessness as well as acts as a mood enhancer. Some detractors of Kratom will point out however that it is an opiate and so should be avoided. But in small doses, it is good for the body.

Is Kratom Legal In Virginia?

Yes, it is legal in Virginia. 

There are no federal laws that regulate kratom as it stands today. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) at present does not check any of the products that contain kratom in terms of their quality, concentrations, ingredients or any contaminations. 

They are however trying to figure out a way to regulate its addition to dietary foods and thus restrict its import.

Kratom Legality In Virginia?

Although kratom is legal in Virginia, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy in October 2018, classified kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance along with other dangerous and illegal drugs like LSD, heroin and more. They concluded that it has a high potential for abuse while presenting no acceptable medical use in terms of treatment while posing a public health risk.

The FDA too is opposed and links kratom to 44 drug associated deaths which were mostly in combination with other drugs. They also bring up the 2018 incident of kratom usage that caused an outbreak of Salmonella bacteria that made people sick in 41 states.

The Virginia House Joint Resolution 39 or HJR39, introduced on 3rd January 2020 wants the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to study kratom and present their findings regarding whether it should be banned or not. The HJR39 referred to the 91 cases and more calls to the Poison Center regarding kratom but found that if one looks at the larger picture, things do seem promising for kratom. This is due to the fact that these 91 cases had a mixture of drugs that led to problems and not just kratom.

This statement was further bolstered by the Kratom 8-factor analysis that pointed out the flaws in the reports and advised appropriate regulation by FDA to ensure that it is appropriate and safe for use. It pointed out that most of the questions regarding kratom usage rise from either lack of information or misinformation.

Further, HJR39 directs the Board of Pharmacy to determine:

  1. the number of deaths where kratom was definitely a contributing factor, 
  2. to what extent have there been other medical problems associated with kratom that have been reported by the citizens, 
  3. the extent to which kratom is used by citizens, 
  4. the extent of health benefits that are associated with kratom, 
  5. the cost that is associated if kratom is added to the list of controlled substances, and 
  6. if it is added to the scheduled drugs list, how should it be classified as a controlled substance.

The Board is supposed to complete its studies and present its findings by 30 November 2020 through an executive summary to the Governor and the General Assembly. Till then the state of Virginia is playing a wait and watch game to find how the other states plan to regulate or ban kratom.

Where Can You Buy Kratom In Virginia?

Kratom is available in Virginia easily in its many forms. They are available in the form of  pills, capsules and extracts. The extracts can be directly chewed or dried and brewed as a tea. 

Some of the places where it is available in Virginia are:

  1. Tobacco King Of Vape, CBD, Kratom, 1609 S Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22204
  2. Smoke Stop, 510 S Van Dorn St, Alexandria, VA 22304
  3. Tobacco Hut Vape – CBD – Kratom – Fine Cigars, 14654 Lee Hwy, Gainesville, VA 20155
  4. The Smoke Hutt, 222 Kernstown Commons Blvd, Winchester, VA 22602
  5. Pitbull Tobacco & More, 154 S Rosemont Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  6. Glass City Tobacco Cbd Kratom Vape Juul cigars gifts, 7600 Gardner Park Dr, Gainesville, VA 20155
  7. And many more.

Why Buying Locally Is Not Safe?

The FDA at present does not regulate kratom in any manner other than present its reluctance towards its usage. But this presents a problem to the local consumer of kratom in the sense that the products in the market are not checked for their quality.

You cannot be sure of the ingredients that the product or its concentration levels or even of the fact that the active ingredients are correct or not. You have no way to tell whether the product you buy locally has not by chance been contaminated in any manner. Other than losing your money on an untested and uncontrolled product you also run the risk of catching an infection due to unhealthy treatment procedures to make the product. This happened to be the case in 2018 which almost led the FDA to ban kratom and label it as a Schedule I drug. 

There are a lot of unprofessionals in the market who might provide kratom both knowingly or otherwise due to insufficient knowledge of the product that is not safe or is not up to standards. However, not all such people are out there to only make a quick buck but the rotten apples do have the potential to give everyone a bad name.

You do not want to be stuck with a watered down version of the kratom product either as it will not provide the health benefits while you also lose money, time and effort. Kratom quality depends a lot on how it is grown and extracted to provide the proper advantages and the best care to your body.

So, stay away from products being offered at some of the smaller stores or from such people who are cultivating these plants in their backyards. It is most advisable to only approach well reputed stores both locally or online who have a proper procedure and the right set up to make kratom products.

Buy Kratom Online In Virginia?

Online shopping for most of us especially in light of the above mentioned reasons is about security and safety. But thankfully kratom powders and extracts available online are mostly safe and secure due to the fact that mostly big retailers provide them through their ecommerce websites.

Most retailers also deliver the packet to your doorstep quickly and discreetly, never giving away to anyone what’s inside the box. They also provide easy money back guarantees or replacement options in case a product does not suit you. The online world has made it possible to buy kratom from within the privacy of your home. It is also easy on your gas bill as you need not run to the nearest store and find a place to park and then maybe walk for a while to reach the place.

It is easier to find brands online that have a good reputation, are trustworthy and are well known like Coastline Kratom and others. Some of them also have a nationwide presence which in itself is a proof of their commitment towards providing a quality product. And if in case you do not like the product for whatever reason or if the variety of kratom you ordered does not suit you, most online players have an easy return and refund policy.

Buying online can also present a lot of offers and discounts while the product is also delivered to your doorstep in no time at all. Do remember to check their reviews section before you buy which will give a fair bit of an idea regarding their experience levels and the quality of their products. As kratom is available in its three varieties – red, white and green with distinct effects on the body, one needs to figure out which variety suits you best. 

The colours come from the stem and the veins of the leaves that have different chemical compositions. They help identify its properties and effects. The red variety relaxes the muscles and produces sleep. The white provides alertness and motivation while the green makes you more cheerful and friendly. These three varieties are mixed in various combinations and concentrations to make up the available products.

The good online stores like Coastline Kratom and some others provide a small test sample containing all of their varieties and combinations. If you are a first time user, it is a good idea to start with this test sample to find out which variety and combination suits you best.

Closing Thoughts

Kratom in small doses acts as a stimulant just like coffee while in large doses is best suited for people treating their addiction to opioids. More research is on-going with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy that will bring much needed clarity on its useful and harmful effects, if any. 

Till the study is complete and in the absence of any legal restrictions in the way, it is completely legal to buy, use, sell, store, gift or any other activity involving kratom in Virginia. However, do stay safe and buy it only from a good and reputed online or local store who have a good knowledge about them and can also guide you regarding its uses and benefits.