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Kratom is a hallucinogenic herb that is easing and can bring you calm in mental and physical stress but also can cause severe side effects. It must be used carefully and only under the guidance of a physician.

It is also many a time used to ease the effects of fibromyalgia. Not an opioid but similar in properties, Kratom has its own pros and cons. The ones using it on a regular basis have their whole lives depend on it. They have successfully argued that how its use has changed their lives for better.

Is Kratom Legal In Wisconsin?

Talking about its legality in Wisconsin, it is banned in the state. This can be disheartening for the public who wish to consume Kratom and are highly dependent on it. Kratom was included in the list generated by the Controlled Substances Act since it included two alkaloids, namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine which can be harmful to your health.

In the year 2014, the Wisconsin Senate passed a bill that included these two main alkaloids found in Kratom. There has been many actions and petitions filed against the proposed bill in an attempt to decriminalise Kratom. But none of these succeeded. 


This proposal was successfully passed in spring of the year 2014. Kratom is often confused with an opioid as it is somewhat similar in its function. But to clear out this confusion, Kratom is nothing like an opioid. Neither it is synthetic. The alkaloids present in Kratom were supposed to go under synthetic opioids in Schedule I which would have been inaccurate. However, it was decided by the authorities to include its name under Schedule I of the Wisconsin Controlled Substances Act.

Kratom Legality In Wisconsin?

How will Kratom become legal in your state when the lawmakers do not know how beneficial can use Kratom be? Or until you let the officials know its merits that you yourself might have experienced, how would people be aware of its viability? If they do not know how can it help in changing people’s lives, then why would they consider removing a ban from the substance?

If you truly wish to act in support of Kratom, then join support groups and Kratom advocates to fight for it. But do not use it illegally. 

It is advised not to go to any smoke or vape shop in search of Kratom. You will be seriously charged, and many even are put into jail. Do not dream of seeing your wish come true when you are standing in Wisconsin. Many people think that they can easily get away with carrying Kratom illegally in small amounts. This is just a mere misconception. If caught, this can cause a serious threat to your life and career opportunities.

Where Can You Buy Kratom In Wisconsin?

This is not an obvious question considering Wisconsin. Since it is illegal to consume Kratom in this state, under Wisconsin state law, any kind of manufacture, possession, distribution, sale or buying Kratom is a felony of which you can be charged.

Therefore, if your residence is in Wisconsin or you are here for tourism purpose, avoid consuming or even carrying Kratom with you. It is advised not to acquire Kratom in here to avoid the chances of risk. This would not only cause problems for you but may question the regulation of Kratom worldwide.

There cannot be a final word said on its legalisation since it is under process and the officials can turn the decision anyway.

How did Kratom supporters react to its ban?

Kratom supporters initiated several petitions to reverse the Kratom ban in Wisconsin. In fact, one of the supporters even urged people to not buy or distribute any goods derived from Wisconsin. But all these attempts went vain. No action or petition has succeeded till.

This might be unfortunate news for the supporters of Kratom that reversing the Kratom ban in Wisconsin might be a complex procedure which may not ever find success. At least, until there is no proof in favour of Kratom consumption, it is and will remain to be banned in Wisconsin.

On October 30, 2019, a two-hour informational gearing was held dedicated to Kratom by the Wisconsin State Health Committee. This was considered a step towards potential decriminalisation of Kratom. As a result, the American Kratom Association was established, which was later joined by Dr Jack Henningfield. He was the main person behind Kratom 8-factor Analysis and Utah Senator Curt Bramble. He was the first to pass the Kratom Consumer Act.

The feedback received by the senators was positive in response which indicates that people of Wisconsin can expect a bill urging to introduce Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Wisconsin soon. If this happens, Kratom will become legal in Wisconsin state.

Buy Kratom Online In Wisconsin?

It is currently illegal in the eyes of the law so there are charges against buying and selling of Kratom in Wisconsin. 

Hence, no online vendors in the Wisconsin state of US.

Closing Thoughts

It is discussed well above about the legalisations regarding regulations and use of Kratom in Wisconsin. Now you are well aware of what to do and what not to. Consuming Kratom in Wisconsin has never come easy. Many other states in the United States have regulated its use, but there are five states which ban Kratom. Rhode Island is one of them, and now you know that Wisconsin is also in the list.

There are several petitions in action and supporters of Kratom are only hoping for better. Wisconsin is strict in its laws concerning Kratom. Any act against its will can bring you to face serious implications. Trust us; you would not like to challenge this state in this subject.

However, if you wish Kratom to be used legally in your state, do not stop and fight for it. Many other states have also gone through tough fights to be able to enjoy Kratom’s legal use.